Rio Brazos Master Naturalist Class of 2010
By Robert Theimer

The class is now over with six participants completing the training, and five of the six about to complete their certification. The 2010 class members are Catherine and Dennis Reger, Maryann Mathews, Nancy Pricer, Michelle Marti, and Nancy Hancock. One of the class members is nearly ready to certify and several others are working to that goal. One of the class members joined late and is planning on attending the Ellis County Chapter training. The instructors were very good and captured the attention of all in attendance. The Saturday classes were well received by both retired and still not retired students. The field exercises were a big plus and allowed us to use our partners, the Acton Nature Center, Fossil Rim, and Dinosaur Valley State Park. All things considered this was a very successful class. 

The instructors also liked the format, relaxed and convenient for most of them. During the field demonstration on soils by Dewayne we also learned about the elusive “wild grape tree”. During the field trip to the Paluxy River in DVSP we met two other Master Naturalists from Houston and Wichita Falls and exchanged information. Maryann even netted a gar in the River. The Acton Nature Center was cooperative and presented us with a variety of flowers, grasses, and critters during the sometimes too hot field trips, love summer in Texas. A celebration was held at the August monthly acknowledging the accomplishments of the new class and welcoming them as members into the Chapter.