(known by many a name,... timesheet, Service, AT, Volunteer, Admin)

Traditionally, TMNs and RBMNs have entered their hours using a spreadsheet.
This all changed late in 2015 as TMN adopted a centralized web based tool called VMS.
On this page you will find links to VMS logins and documentation.
There is a historical section at the end of this page for reference purposes

Note 1 Service Hours (revised 03/13/2106):
We have restructured the way Service Projects (aka Opportunities) are presented in VMS.
Use this dedicated web page when following "Path 3" from the Naturalist's Field Guide to VMS (below)
RBMN Approved Projects: Web Page

Note 2 Advanced Training (revised 05/18/2106):
There is now a dedicated web page that lists RBMN Pre-approved Advanced Training.
Use this dedicated web page when following "Path 1" from the Naturalist's Field Guide to VMS (below)
Advanced Training: Web page

Note 3:
As a reminder when filling out your profile in VMS:
- Please put in your actual date of birth (needed for background check)
- Select "
I accept these terms - yes" for the Background Check (in the "Waivers & Agreements" section)
- Select "I accept these terms - yes" for the Confidentiallity Agreement (in the "Waivers & Agreements" section)
- Select "
I accept these terms - yes" for the Alternate Workforce Waiver (in the "Waivers & Agreements" section)
- Do not change your User ID or name until after the migration is complete (we'll send a chapter wide email when it's ok)

Links to VMS logins (opens in a new window):

Hours Reporting


Sources of documentation and help:

Local copy of the "Cheat Sheet"

A Master Naturalist Field Guide to VMS (new version, updated 1/13/16)

Wanda's Power Point

TMN Volunteer Management System Helpdesk (external link)

If you have not been to one of Wanda's training classes or want to refresh yourself here's a list of suggested
material in order of relevance and brevity:

1) Cheat Sheet
2) Field Guide
3) Power Point
4) The Helpdesk has about 20 documents and several videos, the FAQ's are a good place to start.

After you have your material at the ready, follow the "Hours Reporting" link above.

All else fails, send Wanda or Chris an email.


This section for historical reference only

Use one of these forms for your volunteer and advanced training hours.
If you have Excel please use that form and send in only your new hours.
Please 'cut and paste' the new hours into a separate file and send only that portion to Wanda.
Turn in this form monthly to Wanda Riley
Volunteer & Advanced Training Hours .excel file
Volunteer & Advanced Training Hours .word 
Volunteer & Advanced Training Hours .pdf 

Approved Projects List - Updated Sept 2015 in Excel
Please choose from this list when you are turning in your hours. I hope that this will help you out. If there are any questions, please contact Wanda