How do I become a Texas Master Naturalist?
To join us and become a certified Texas Master Naturalist, you must complete a 40-hour training course on the regionís natural features and the impact that people have on nature. Training courses are usually held in the spring or the fall of each year and average about 20 students. The course includes presentations by biologists, geologists, naturalists, and others from local, state, and federal agencies and universities. 

You must complete a minimum of 40 hours of volunteer service and 8 hours of advanced training during the first 12 months following your completion of the course (to be completed before your course's graduation anniversary date). Advanced training enables Texas Master Naturalists to learn additional knowledge or a particular skill in order to assist with different volunteer projects. Advanced training activities in the past have involved hands-on instruction, field trips to local natural areas, and lectures with such topics as: Texas bats, Texas insects, Texas aquatic environments, wildscape development, and trail planning, among many others.

Members need to obtain their certification by completing the official Texas Master Naturalist training curriculum. If you are interested in training opportunities through the Rio Brazos Master Naturalist chapter, please contact one of the following persons or ask any of our members: 

Training Contact, 
Maryann Mathews
817-714-3803 (Cell)

Please see the FAQ link and Training Classes

The Texas Master Naturalist of Texas activities are coordinated by AgriLife Extension and Texas Parks and Wildlife. Texas Master Naturalist programs serve all people regardless of socioeconomic level, race,color,sex,religion,disability or national origin.