Some of our Volunteer Projects
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Acton Nature Center

Burleson Parks Nature Hikes

Fossil Rim

Camp El Tesoro

Comanche Peak Trail

BRIT Botanical Resource Institute of Texas

Cleburne State Park

Dinosaur Valley State Park

Chapter Officer or Committee Member

Chapter Newsletter

Speakers Bureau

Acton Nature Center
 6900 Smoky Hill Ct, Granbury TX 76049 
Contact: Dave Moore
Group Work Day - TBA. Mostly on Saturdays - Contact Dave Moore
Continuing Tasks:
          Mow and trim along the paths
          Check the windmill and turn on/off as appropriate
          Move and trim around the house and bathroom 
          Repair any washouts on the trails.
          Trim around the stone markers
          Repair or reset the stone markers on the trails
          Mow and trim the area around the parking lots
          Trim the junipers and trees along the paths 
          Maintain the paths in the butterfly and house area.
          Cut down the junipers and form piles so we can chip/chop them up for mulch.
          Windmill maintenance. Contact Joe Langdon.

Big Projects:
           Farm house improvements. Contact Joe Langdon.
           Gate repair and modification. Contact Dave Moore and Joe Langdon.
           Security and wifi systems. Contact Chris Inbody.
           Information signage. Contact Karen Langdon.
           Bird Blind and associated water feature, brush piles and fencing. Contact Dave Moore
           Acting as docents to the public on designated dates.
           Marking maps and collection of plants on site to be turned over to Brit.
           Participating in the ongoing blue bird box survey. Check with Billy Teels
           Water to establish plants in the Butterfly garden. Contact Bonnie Colgin

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Burleson Parks Nature Hikes
. If you are interested in participating, contact members Jim or Cathy Crocker or Maryann Mathews.
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Fossil Rim
Physical address:  2155 County Road 2008, Glen Rose, and TX 76043
For GPS: 2299 County Road 2008, Glen Rose TX 76043
See Fossil Rim web page for a list of current activities or contact
Tessa Chenoa Ownbey .
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Camp El Tesoro
7710 Fall Creek Hwy, Acton, TX 76049
Web site:
Tanner Rohne at
Lead nature hikes - Teach classes in Fossil ID, Bird Watching, Tree ID, Animal Habitats. You will receive additional training from Camp El Tesoro prior to teaching.
BRIT Botanical Resource Institute of Texas
Main Office: 500 E. 4th Street Fort Worth TX 76102
Education Offices: 503 Bryan Avenue, Fort Worth TX 76104
See Brit web page for a list of current activities. 
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Comanche Peak Trail
Comanche Peak Nuclear Site, north of Glen Rose in Somervell County.  Trails need maintaining with weeding, limbs cut back and mulching.
Maryann Mathews
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Cleburne State Park
5800 Park Road 21
Cleburne, TX 76033
817. 645-4215
Opportunities available.  For more information, visit the Texas Parks and Wildlife Web site or ask Jim Crocker  or Cathy Crocker to share their experiences.
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Dinosaur Valley State Park
Park Road 59
Glen Rose TX
Contact Park Superintendent for current opportunities.
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Bird Watching in your location and then reporting the findings to Cornell University.
This is done at your own pace and your time is turned into their time keeper.  For information check
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Doing administrative work or being an officer or on a committee for our chapter constitutes approved volunteer time.  Examples are: working on the next training course, giving programs or training to the chapter, manning our display booth at events. Contact any of our officers.
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Our newsletter is published electronically and is 2-4 pages long.  It needs articles covering a wide range of topics, book reviews, plant of the month, etc. Contact Billy Teels 
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Participating in our Speakers Bureau and doing advertising of the speakersí bureau in local newspapers.  What do we talk about?  The naturalist program or any other topic from our training that you feel competent in.  This can be done with a friend and you can practice on the group first.
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